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  • 02/05/2022 5:58 PM | Randal Pituk (Administrator)

    Download the app today for a digital membership card, events, tickets, and many more.

  • 10/23/2021 5:03 PM | Randal Pituk (Administrator)

    Watch our Election Chair, MJ Bienvenu's announcement about MAL 1,3 and 5 positions! Still Interested? Dont forget to email her via BEFORE Nov. 13! 

    [VD: one min and 27 seconds. Light gray-blue background. MJ Bienvenu, female, white, gray curly short hair. Wearing light blue, short sleeve t-shirt with yellow logo of AAD on right chest. She aslized: "Hello members of AAD! My name is MJ Bienvenu, AAD Vice President. I’m here to let you know, we will have an election on Nov. 13 for positions of MAL 1, MAL 3, and MAL 5.

    Yes, now is the time to have an election for these positions. Yes, time went by so fast! Last year, you voted for Officers, MAL 2, and MAL 4. Now, it is MAL 1, MAL 3 and MAL 5 positions up for vote. What are MAL's duties? It includes attending board meetings, Taking up a variety of different responsibilities. Often MALs will get together to discuss areas that show their strengths. For example, Head Bartender, maybe it could be Social Events Coordinator, assisting the Public Relations Director, assisting the Treasurer, or something AAD has a need to be taken care of, etc. All 5 MALs get together to discuss who would handle the different responsibilities, different duties.

    Interested? Please email me at I hope you show your interest and want to be involved with AAD! Email me anytime before Nov.13, so we can share who will run for MAL 1, MAL 3, and MAL 5. Thank you.” Double thumbs up! (end)]

    ASL Version

  • 03/11/2015 7:33 AM | Anonymous

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Austin, TX 78748 

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Austin Deaf Club
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